Premonition  (2014)
Video. 3 minutes and 12 seconds


Photography, video and artists book series working with piecing together fragments of imagery from my period of study in California- The only remaining pieces of a puzzle of time, place, memory and emotion.

 The series is inspired by a fear of losing time and memory- and those precious snippets of reality contained within a photograph. It’s my attempt to compensate for a confused sense of identity, and attempt to own a place, moment or experience.


I believe in leaving traces of yourself on a work, so slightly that windows to the soul are open- if only briefly, for those who are interested enough to delve deeper and explore. Premonition takes you on a journey through barren landscapes devoid of meaning or story. You are left empty with no face, story or protagonist to follow. The figures stand masked, facing away or completely obscured- blurring any connection. Hidden meanings and underlying themes run through the entirety of the series- never making their faces entirely obvious- yet evoking a mood that Is integral to the rest of this series of on-going work.

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