Pussycat’ (2014)

Animation/ Video Work. 3 minutes 24 seconds


Channels a curiosity with exploitative b movies and the sordid powers of portrayal of their leading women. From Brigitte Bardot’s seminal movie ‘And God created Woman’ that made her into an ‘iconic sex kitten’ to the aptly named ‘Faster Pussycat, Kill kill’ and the more recent ‘Bufallo ‘66’. It came from a realisation women in some of my favourite films were undoubtedly and so obviously exploited. They are portrayed as empty, vessels of sexuality, oozing the idealised submissive traits. In faster pussycat, kill kill, the go go dancers only victory is by emulating their male counterparts, in masculine displays of violence and the love of racing fast cars. Questioning whether or not it was ever really a victory, are these women losing clothes and even pieces of their souls onscreen really as empowered as they think they are? Sexualised, quiet, passive objects of delight- I blur into obscurity, taking out of context to be as isolated as possible from irrelevant subject matter- to give an extensively detached questionable perspective. Emphasising the sexualised vibe with a 70s porno soundtrack in this questionable, mockery of portrayal. Reclaiming imagery for the male gaze to create a slow, introspective video where the lines of pleasure and pain on their faces is sincerely blurred.

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