In production 2016 - 17 
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Sad Girl Theory proposes that the internalised suffering women experience should be categorised as an act of protest. There is an entire lineage of women who consciously disrupted the status quo through enacting their own sorrow. I think that a sad girl's self destruction, no matter how silent or commonplace, is a strategy for subverting those systems, for making the implicit violence visceral and visible, for implicating us all in her devastation.         – Audrey Wollen

In a response to an overtly male dominated art/ film world – Sad Girl Theory delves into a world of representation and women who are unknowingly the centre of their own internal protest.

The video charts a Virgin Suicides esque decay of adolescence- that cascades into a sinister world beyond the dreamy pastel landscape. Exploring the idea that an innate power resides in the control (or lack thereof) of one’s emotional state.

I think it's really important to recognise and foster an alternative to the hyper-positive demands of contemporary feminism right now. We've really fixated on loving ourselves - there's this ethos of excess and approval, making it cool and fun to be a girl. The problem is: it isn't really cool and fun to be a girl. It is an experience of brutal alienation and constant fear of violence. All the amazing parts of girlhood (of which there are many) are survival tactics that girls have created in the face of this reality. I want to stand with the girls who are miserable, who don't love their body, who cry on the bus on the way to work. I believe those girls have the power to cause real upheaval, to really change things.
                                                                             - Audrey Wollen

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