The Afternoon of Extravagant Delight (2012)
Video/ Site specific Installation 



It's immersing yourself in a snapshot of 1000 different love affairs. Imagine a single room, and all that's ever happened or is going to happen there...the spiritual and physical imprints that transcend time, echoing the melancholy, pain and passion of those before.


A series based around blurred reality with filmic reality. It’s about escapism and the different levels and layers to every situation, and my own perception being influenced deeply by film.It’s about memory, and how cinematic moments and imagery can infiltrate and interfere with your own recollections. Did that really happen? And does it matter if it didn’t? It’s about my life and experience being so closely intertwined with film, that everything I see being a different projection or re-enactment of something I’ve already seen.

Watch the video in full below.