The Feeling (2012)
Video. 2 minutes.


A short experimental video that's about being completely absorbed in a mood and a moment. It's about your life flashing right before you, and slipping away as unexpectedly as it came. It's about losing yourself, completely. It's about innocence lost, lust, desire and the looming darkness and melancholia that resides in all of us.'The Feeling' is a trance-like state, a fascination with the slow and hypnotic, the unusual and the beautiful. It's about that unexplainable sense of detachment from the world and the ones around you, never feeling quite at home, or present in any given moment.

Previewed at Lancashire International Film Festival on the 11.04.13 and shown at the Guild Hall Project space from 8.04.13 – 11.04.13

T H E  F E E L I N G

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