This is Not an Exit / Introducing the Dionysians.  (2014)
Video. 3 minutes, 5 seconds


Dionysian excess in this bleak landscape of psychedelic colour, depersonalising everyone I know that is and always will be, lost in the night.


Inspired incredibly by the beat generation of poetry, my work is abstractly nonsensical, non linear and shockingly paradoxical. Through creating a void of immeasurable time and place, creating faceless protagonists lost in a landscape that is at once alluring as it is deeply cynical- and at times- unnerving. Part of an ongoing series of ‘lost’ works, where I piece together fragments of video capturing moments of time completely blurred, or forgotten. drawing deep inspiration from the syntactic subversion of meaning called ‘parataxis’ in the works of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Frequently associated with poetry and literature, I intended to create a literal representation, favouring ‘short sentences’ (short clips)and the technique in poetry where two images, or fragments are juxtaposed together without a clear connection. Opening with the most apt Ginsberg ‘ Howl’ quote, reflecting my cinematic, erratic’ style and more poignantly on the meaning of the line itself, perfectly summating my own view on the generation of young, bewildered ‘hipsters’ looking for the highest force, or god in all the wrong places. Claiming a strong connection to the divine through the loss of all control in a dark room with flashing lights ‘ the machinery of night’.


Part of a piecing together of a large social documentary work, evoking the scene of young, ‘liberated’ and wild ones, with no limits. Maintaining an at once connected, yet ultimately voyeuristic perspective on the portrayal of young women and their sexuality, and exactly how it is depicted. The concept of the Dionysian, and in this reference, to excess, loss of boundaries etc is something I continually explore in my work, attempting a recreation of a very apt  portrayal of our youth, and how this archaic idea still genuinely applies to a culture of people, who can’t and just wont, stop.


Introducing the Dionysians

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