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kaiden Nolan








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Kaiden finds himself in a vast white waiting room, dragged into an experiment where he’s forced into playing chess against a computer for an eternity.

Dragged from a waiting room into the experiment, he’s faced with an old school MAC, and a blinking 8 bit game, that prompts him to ‘Make your next move’


Kaiden gradually gets more frustrated with the machine and starts to trash the keyboard. He’s sedated with a strange looking yellow fluid and he enters a blissed out dream-like state where he’s playing the game in a high-hedged garden scene, overlooked by the two ominous looking dudes in lab coats.

Intercut with performance, on yellow background with a black suit, and a black background with a yellow suit (we play with this colour duality throughout).


Simple, sleek & minimal set design - Kaiden and his performance are the main event. The video follows him to a path of escape from the confines of the game / his mind, onto a rooftop where the dudes in lab coats are waiting for him with a round of applause - he was meant to break free all along.

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