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A performance in a working men's club is transformed into a revivalist church meeting in Sophie Barrott's inspirational video for Kaiden Nolan.

The video for Dear Faith is set in a 70's social club that’s untouched by time, where the quizzical punters become a fervent congregation, absorbed within the music - and faith restored - for Nolan and band's rousing rendition of Dear Faith.


Director's Notes:

A tongue-in cheek celebration of music and faith.
An energetic performance video set amidst a faith healing sermon in a social club that’s untouched by time
A hyper-exaggeration of people’s longing for faith and something to believe in.

Devout followers shuffle into seats at a faith healing sermon set in an old working class labour club, dressed head to toe in Stylised 70s clobber. Their mass is lead by some Jim Jones looking fella, with an edge. He introduces the Kaiden Nolan band And they kick off to a devout audience & an apathetic looking crowd of locals in the back of the venue. As the song progresses we have cut-aways to a few notable characters and their reactions to the performance.

The priest’s apprentice mixes a corner-shop looking swamp cool- aid in the back. It’s slowly passed out during the sermon and stuff starts to get a little odd.

We switch between a seemingly normal performance and a warm hued red-cast scene with lens refractions where people are a little looser, and dance like wild to the song through and down the aisles. The regulars eventually join in the festivities.

Dramatic band performance and bizarre faith healing scenes, and character focused vignettes use the location to the fullest, highlighting retro & design detailing.

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