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Inflation, lack of pay rises, 0 hour contracts, inequality and exploitation. We find our character trapped in the decaying forgotten mansion of a dead millionaire. He’s tasked with the preservation of an ornate chandelier. He treats it with a level of care and detail, polishing, perfecting and working hard for it. The Chandelier begins to fall to pieces, despite his best efforts to keep it together, and in the final scene, we see in glorious ultra slow motion, it crash and smash to pieces.

Parallel to the themes raised in the lyrics of BASIC, the character is constrained to the ruins, tasked to the maintenance of something symbolic of the wealth of the ruling class, whilst slowly losing his mind. In softer sections we capture the strange melancholic beauty of location, with a bleak optimistic lens that suggests one day he may escape.

This video will rely on a really punchy, high intensity edit. In sync with the reel to reel tape in continuation with MAYBE - as if both people exist within the same universe. However, basic will be more stepped, raw and performance driven.

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