THE FELL (2017)





Set Designer






G A R D E N I A (2016)



E L E C T R O N I C  T O W N  (2014)

Experimental double exposure 35mm photographic series charting a road trip across Florida, Georgia and Alabama.


Precursor to The Aesthetics of Losing Control


P R E M O N I T I O N  (2014)

Experimental double exposure darkroom photography series.


Photography, video and artists book series piecing together fragments of imagery from my period of study in California- The only remaining parts of a puzzle of time, place, memory and emotion.

 The series is inspired by a fear of losing time and memory- and those precious snippets of reality contained within a photograph. 

See > 'Premonition' (VIDEO)

L A S T  V E G A S /
D A Y  T R I P P E R   (2013)

Experimental take on the destruction/ creation of an image. 



See > 'There is a light' (VIDEO)

E S C A P I S M  (2012)


Photographic series surrounding ideas of memory, and how cinematic moments and imagery can infiltrate and interfere with your own recollections. Did that really happen? And does it matter if it didn’t?
It’s more specifically about my life and experience being so closely intertwined with film, that everything I see becomes a different projection or re-enactment of something I’ve already seen.



See > 'The Afternoon of Extravagent Delight' VIDEO

W H I T E  R A B B I T (2012)


Negative photographic series to accompany an experimental

video about disassociation & displacement. 



See > 'The  Feeling' VIDEO

M I S T Y    D A Y (2013)


Somewhere I can't remeber, lost in those Californian hills I'll never forget. 




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