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Premiered on
FUZZ CLUB records


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We’re on a bizarre journey of memory, capturting flickers of experience, that are transitioned into psychedelic log flume shots of an internal void, that propells us from one space to the next. Visions of the band float in and out in flickers of a strobe light.

Shot entirely from our characters POV, we’re taken on a first person vision quest throughout the City, and surrounding landscapes of Glasgow. Camera work & lens effects give a dizzying portrayal of a character in a depressive haze. Cinematic, bold locations give way to dizzy- ing performance shots & hazy memories.No real resolution or end, the abstract narra- tive gives way to the eternal loop of the void.

Bizarre and jarring, our locations mirror our characters state-of-mind. On a search for meaning, and solace in spaces that are strange and unnerving, and only raise more questions.

Longing for something, getting lost and flashing back to moments mid-conver- sation, together with the band in the car. Someone walking in front, looking back.

The camera physically blinks and jitters from space to space, a circle takes us through as our consistent framing, takes us down the rabbit-hole of the FLUME, from one experience to the next.

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